As kid I loved nothing more than racing BMX and from there I moved my passion towards motocross. Growing up on a farm we had our own practice track and were riding every chance we could. Moving on from there and as I grew older I moved to racing Enduro and started racing downhill as a bit of fun. After racing a few rounds of Downhill my passion grew for this sport and the people involved in making it happen. As every Downhill and motocross rider knows once you start it is inevitable that you will end up in hospital at some stage and for me it was a lot. Realizing that my racing days would come to an end at some stage I wanted to still be heavily involved in the sport and the community. So I decided to start my own apparel company and have our own race team.

2017 Team From Left Will Arblaster, Liam Tohmas, Shannon Mckay, Dylan Lombard, James Tamanaka, Charlie Jones, Chris Richards.

We started off in July 2016 after researching manufactures for over a year to make sure our products were going to be as good if not better than the bigger company’s. From here we have decided to not only do Mountain Bike Gear but venture into BMX riding apparel and custom jerseys for Clubs and shops which we love doing.

Some Club Jerseys We Have Made

Looking into the future we are looking forward to working with more clubs and shops, doing their jerseys for them. We are also looking forward to getting our gear into some shops around Australia and New Zealand but more importantly bringing you the riders quality gear to with a very attractive price tag. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.